My name is Rosa Carné Vilà born in Barcelona. I started dancing when I was 5 years old, at 8 I started in the competition world and at 13 at an international level.

At the age of 15 I win the World Junior II Latin Championship. In Youth I was Europe and World finalist. And in Adult I have also achieved to be a Europe and World finalist.

During all these years I have traveled all over the world to compete, participate in the best “Training Camp”, receive information from the best teachers in the world and also as a teacher to give classes.

I have many years creating a conceptual structure that envelop the most transcendent aspects of Latin dancesport. The information I have received and the experience of all these years is so much that I myself have needed to create my own way of understanding dance.

This online platform based on my experience and my way of understanding dance aims to expose the information that has helped me to develop as a dancer. It is a structured format, simple and full of exercises with levels to bring my knowledge to the dance world.

I hope you like it and that you enjoy it as I enjoy it.


The dancesport dancer specializes in a skill set, acquiring a wealth of wisdom in seemingly dissonant but deeply united fields such as: sport, art, intelligence, partnering skills and showmanship. In my opinion, all of this is simplified and exposed in this wonderful phrase by Pablo Picasso:

“Learn the rules like a professional, so that you can break them like an artist”

Dance is still an art but our tool is not a brush or a pen, is our own body. Our body that must interpret five Latin rhythms together with a couple in order to entertain an audience.

So first we are going to learn all those tools that once acquired we can use to be artists.

I have divided the content into the five Latin Dances. Each dance with the same structure to facilitate the organization and order of all that information. We will work on each dance in its Technical Qualities and Movement to Music (TQ, MM). Within these two components there are sub-components. Each sub-component contains definition, division by levels, exercises for each Latin Action and choreographies to put all the concepts into practice.

We will also have a section of extras in order to complete all possible aspects of the work of the Latin dance dancer.

This project is based on focusing on specific concepts so that the mind can help the body and not hinder the action of being a dance.

You can practice at home or at school, alone or as a couple. Children, Seniors, Youth and Adults … for all ages with clear and effective exercises. Also structured by levels from the beginners to the most advanced.

Each RCC exercise and information contains difficulty levels. The initiate may at the moment only acquire the first level, but it benefits him to see the objective point where he will arrive. The advanced will benefit from the three levels equally because, as we already know, perfection is unattainable in Dancesport Latin, and from the beginning until the end of a dancer’s career, we will never stop dancing the simple and complex “rumba walk” .

In you will find an inexhaustible source of information and structural exercises that will help you in your day to day, so that you enjoy, learn, motivate yourself and do not stop dreaming.

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